This is how you keep the search crawlers all over your site!

This is honestly huge, and something you see very rarely. A unique and powerful method to get your blog posts indexed, backlinked, and full of authority without lifting a finger…It’s all done using the WordPress Plugin.

This plugin is integrated with the most powerful indexing service on the internet. This little tool has been quietly working in the background on all my blogs and the search engine spiders are CONSTANTLY coming back to my sites over and over again….it’s just AMAZING! Every post I make gets fresh backlinks automatically, which Google Loves.

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  • Q.What does Google indexing mean?
  • A.Google indexing means that when the webcrawlers sent from Google come to visit your website they have crawled the contents and determined that the website is important enough to be listed within the actual search results of Google. Being indexed in Google (and other search engines) is a major indicator that the URL holds value and relevance.
  • Q.How long does it take google to recognize backlinks?
  • A.The time it takes for Google to find your backlinks will vary based on many factors. If the backlinks are placed on websites that are crawled frequently they will have a higher likelihood to be found faster and thereby indexed quicker. This can happen as quickly as 1 minute and as long as 1 month depending on how accessible the links are able to be found from the web crawlers.

What is crawling and indexing?

A.Crawling is how the entire web is found and indexed. One of the most important ways that Google finds backlinks is by use of its search crawlers. These are essentially just bots (web-spiders) that visit websites and look for new links through other backlinks. This creates a tiered structure in the way the search crawlers find one URL and then continue to another URL on that page and so on.

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