How To Start Using Facebook Live To Engage Your Audience


Brands and publishers alike have started experimenting with Facebook Live, as a means of providing their audience, a platform to interact and engage in real time. A video can enhance your Facebook reach, while taking less time to post, than creating a write-up. So if you are still wondering how you can start using Facebook live to engage your audience, here is how to go about it.

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Host a Question and Answer Session

Back then, when you wanted to create a YouTube Q&A video, you had to start promoting it several weeks in advance, to allow viewers enough time to send in the questions they wanted you to answer. However, Facebook Live has changed those dynamics. All you have to do is inform your audience when they need to log in and catch up with the session. During the live stream, you can then answer the questions posted on comments section.

Provide a Behind-the-Scenes

In order to let your customers know that they are valued in your business, it is important to give them a behind-the-scenes tour of your organization or brand. Your viewers want to know how you run your business. They also get to know you at a personal level, which is a great step towards relationship building. A great way to go about this is reviewing the products or topics that you intend to discuss during the live stream.

Collaborate with Other Vloggers

If you want to grow your Facebook Live channel, then you should consider collaborating with other Vloggers in the industry. It will just take a short 15 minute video to sit down with another vlogger in your industry or niche, and then discuss issues, ideas and perspectives in your niche. You can both film together or individually, and then cross-promote them across your Facebook pages together.

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Bottom Line

There are many ways you can use Facebook live, to interact with your audience. The most important thing is to remain active and do it regularly. Additionally, be creative and you will see your reach expand.

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